Come back to reality

Come back to reality. By Natalia Sánchez

It was like a direct hit, which made us face reality. In my family:
my father, my two uncles and my grandfather lived and supported us
with their jobs in construction. A lot of work and a lot of money, I
was living an amazing childhood… until the real state bubble
burst. Suddenly, the 4 main economical supports of my family were
broken and all Spain had to adapt to this new situation.

Those were not good times, but we carried on with thousands of
people on the streets, the real estate sector badly damaged, a lot
of houses and apartments destroyed and billions of euros lost. It
marked a turning point in the contemporary history of Spain.

This forced my mother to look for a job and today my parents have
achieved good economic stability. My father, who lived through the
whole experience and became unemployed for a few years, now explains
to me the situation that I was unable to understand when I was
young. He says: “It was obvious that that would happen, we were
building too much and the prices were sky high. However, this has
made us stronger and helped us to be closer than ever. So, after so
many evictions and so many people in need, we can say that we are
now more supportive”. Title of the pictures:

The calm before the storm
The calm before the storm
The cosequences
The cosequences
We will recover
We will recover
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1) The calm before the storm.
2) The consequences.
3) We will recover.