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Story: “My Dad”

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Just for your orientation and understanding, I live in Berlin Marienfelde/ Lichtenrade, right on the border to Brandenburg, in fact our house is the last house in Berlin before the border.
As I got told we were doing a project about the Berlin Wall, I knew right away, the person I was going to question would be my Dad. He was born in Berlin and lived here in different periods all through out his life. The first picture is a picture of my dad (1. As the Berlin Wall came down) (2. now). But as i started questioning him he didn’t actually talk about himself much. He talked about my grandad who passed away. My grandad lived on the property I am living on, his entire life.
My father shared pictures with me I have never seen before, pictures my grandad took of his life with the Berlin Wall as a Garden fence of his property – Of how it changed from just a fence into a impenetrable Wall . My Dad recreated these pictures with me.
I don’t wanna write much more because pictures, in this case say so much more then words. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did taking them with my dad.

From Dora-Lily

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