The Fall of the Wall

// The Fall of the Wall
The first theme takes you to 1989 – ideas for students to work on key moments in European history.

Topic “The Fall of the Berlin Wall”
Task sheet “The Fall of the Wall” (BG, DE, EN, EL, ES, LT)
/ Examples “The Fall of the Wall” (DE, EN)
/ Ideas for “Interviewing contemporary witnesses” (DE, EN)

Topic “Lithuanian Independence”
Task sheet “Looking at a historical picture – Lithuanian Independence Movement” (DE, EN, EL, ES, LT)
Task sheet “13th January 1990 commemoration” (LT)
/ Examples “13th January 1990 commemoration” (EN, LT)

Task sheets for teachers
Task sheet “Kick-off Potsdamer Platz” (EN)
Task sheet “Visiting an exhibition” (EN)

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